Ask..   May, 22, somewhere in Europe. Just random posts and pictures I'd like to memorize.

Sorry sorry sorry for not posting shit for months. I’ll get back to it tomorrow. 

I promise :)

With the usual stuff that doesn’t fit together. silverchair, vegan (healthy) foodporn, fitspiration, grungy outfits, and..did I ever post attractive people with dreads? :D

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 A girl draw a series of self-portraits after she’d taken LSD

After 15 minutesimage

45 minutesimage

1 hour and 45 minutesimage

2 hours and 15 minutesimage

3 and a haf hoursimage

4 hours and 45 minutesimage

6 hoursimage

6 hours and 45 minutesimage

8 hoursimage

8 hours and 45 minutesimage

9 and a half hoursimage

so beautiful

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